Nkwamira Sustainable Life Trust is an NGO that works with women, young people and other vulnerable groups. This vulnerability could have been caused by various factors; could be due to lack of quality education or acts of injustice, or extreme poverty, or substance abuse, among other undesirable factors. The organization was officially launched in 2010 by few pioneers with a deep desire to see local communities empowered, enabled and transformed. [Read More]

Recent Projects

Please read the One Book One Child project proposal below
Nkwamira water wells drilling project in Kizega school in Singida region

Head Office

Ground Floor, Ocean Road Flats,
Obama Road.
Phone: +255 688 900 906
              +255 22 212 1112 

Branch Office

Mtwara, Shangani West, Southern Tanzania.

Email: info [at] nkwamira.org

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