Introduction to Nkwamira

The name NKWAMIRA is a combination of two names of two people who changed people’s lives in their community.  The late Mr. Nkwayi and his beloved wife Malmira changed people’s lives by educating them on how they can sustain their lives. As early as the 1940s, this couple had realized that people’s lives will not be changed by giving them handouts, but by giving them tools and skills to know how to provide for themselves.  In honor of the good work they started, Nkwamira Sustainable Life Trust was formed with the notion that if it could be done for one community, then the same can be done for every other community in Tanzania.

Nkwamira Sustainable Life Trust is an NGO that works with women, young people and other vulnerable groups. This vulnerability could have been caused by various factors; could be due to lack of quality education or acts of injustice, or extreme poverty, or substance abuse, among other undesirable factors. The organization was officially launched in 2010 by few pioneers with a deep desire to see local communities empowered, enabled and transformed. Their passion was to see these communities producing upright, responsible citizens who respect humanity and fight illiteracy and substance abuse, with a view of having meaningful and fulfilled dreams, ambitions and expectations of life.

NKWAMIRA became a fully registered organization on 11th June 2010 under Cap, 375 as a Board of Trustees. It is a non-profit making, non-religious and non-political organization, which at present plays a leading role in creating awareness, direct social support and advocacy for the vulnerable populations due to the aforesaid factors. The main target group of the NGO interventions is young people, marginalized rural women and local communities.

NKWAMIRA’s Head Quarters are located Obama Road on the Ocean road Flats at the Ground Floor and a branch office in Mtwara in shanga west in  Tanzania.

Slogan: Empower. Enable. Engage.

Mission: Transforming lives through quality education; quality in the sense that we provide special interest groups with the relevant skills needed in order to perform the activities that will better their lives.

Vision:  Creating wealth and eradicating poverty through targeted education.

Our Promise:  We promise to transform every life we touch by giving them more than hope