Our Objectives

Like our slogan says, our main objective is to empower, enable and engage the community through these five building blocks…

Community Capacity Building: We transform whole communities by offering targeted training/skills to identified marginalized rural women and the youth, sharing information through organized forums and outreach programs based on educating them on economic related issues.

Coalition Building: In line with our authenticity core value, Nkwamira forges strong partnerships with education practitioners to provide and advocate for all necessary resources required in order to meet the organization’s objectives, and by extension it’s mission.

Experience Building: We understand that theory without practice is just that; theory. At Nkwamira, we encourage our focus groups to engage in voluntary involvement in any and/or all the activities relating to the particular training they have engaged in, in order to physically apply what they have learned.

Building Sustainability: Once we are certain and satisfied that participants of the respective trainings are ready to venture on their own, together with our project partners, we help the empowered participants to setup their own income generating projects  hence commencing the journey towards poverty redemption.

Building Mentorship programs: In order to create continuity in the respective communities, we identify mentors from successfully on-going income generating projects who can be trained as mentors. With our help, they help extricate other poverty stricken community members from the jaws of poverty by running development programs through organizing and facilitating educational programs from local and international organizations