Individual and corporate membership of the NGO is allowed.

There are five (5) categories of membership:

Founding Members

These are all those members who formed and registered this NGO. However, they hold equal status and the same voting rights as ordinary members.

Ordinary Members

These comprise all other individuals or organizations that may be admitted into the NGO. Application for membership can be made by filling in the prescribed form and submitting the duly filled form to the Executive Director for consideration.

Honorary Members

These are members who are co-opted because of their distinguished service accorded to the founder members and or the ordinary members under this constitution or any other subsequent Rules and Regulations to be made from time to time.

Life Members

Any member who may wish to be considered for permanent membership may do so upon payment of a sum of Tshs 1,000,000:00, or a sum that the trustees shall determine.

Institutional (Corporate) Membership

Institutions or legal entities like NGOs may also become members by paying a specific fee, which for the time being stands at Tshs 50, 000,000:00.