Education support in Morogoro secondary schools

In realizing the program area number 1, the organization has been engaged in the provision of school materials in order to provide good learning environment for marginalized young people. The organization has managed to provide books to students in Morogoro secondary schools in Morogoro region. The books were disseminated to Mziha Secondary schools, Ungulu secondary school, Maskati secondary schools, Kikeo secondary school and Bunduki secondary school. Other books were disseminated in Morogoro rural district within the Mkulazi secondary school, Tegetero secondary school, Kinole secondary school, Fademi secondary school, and Kiloka secondary school. The books disseminated worth Tanzania shillings twenty million Tshs which were raised through the fundraising event conducted on 16th December 2011 at Serena Hotel, Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania.

The fundraising activity was mobilized by the management team in collaboration with other key stakeholders. To facilitate the fundraising and resource mobilization activities, the organization has been working with other partners and well wishes people in Tanzania, some of them include the National Bank of Commerce (NBC), CRDB Bank Tanzania Limited, Mikocheni Resort Centre and Public Sector Pension Fund (PSPF). A special credit goes to the National Bank of commerce as the MD Mr. Lawrence Mafuru was the Guest of Honor who also played a major role to making this event a success by donating a sum of Ten Million Tanzanian shillings.